Frequently Asked Questions

If your particular question isn’t here please send us a message and we’ll promptly get back to you with the answer!

What areas do you service?2024-05-16T11:03:01+10:00

We service the Atherton Tablelands and greater Cairns.  Other areas may be considered so give us a call on 0457 487 777 or send us a message via our contact form.

Can you help with a deceased estate?2024-05-21T11:30:56+10:00

Yes, we are very experienced in helping with deceased estates. Many families can get overwhelmed after a death in the family, we can support you through the process and attend promptly to all those large and small details that need attention prior to a house being listed for sale.

We can co-ordinate with executors/family to help with the clearing of a house after a death including…

  • the sorting, packing and shipping (if needed) of precious items (photos, jewellery, private papers etc)
  • the selling or donation of unwanted furniture and misc items (as directed by the executor/family)
  • rubbish removal
  • a thorough interior and exterior clean of the house
  • the tidying up of the general property, garden, outbuildings and lawns
  • organisation and co-ordination with tradespersons and real estate agents
  • on-going maintenance of the property until it sells
How much do you charge?2024-05-16T11:08:16+10:00

As each situation is unique, we offer a FREE one hour consultation with you in your home to talk to you about how we can help you. Then we can give you some options and an estimate of the total cost of the job/s in question. It all depends on what you need our help with, the size of the job, where you live and how the work is to be paid for.

Do you work weekends?2022-02-15T11:39:50+10:00

We may be able to work weekends to fit in with your schedule, please contact us and let’s see what we can work out together!

How long do I need to wait to get some help?2019-05-22T16:33:11+10:00

We try and maintain a high degree of flexibility to fit in around your needs, energy levels and deadlines but we do at times have a full schedule.  Please contact us for further details and to book in.

Do you also clean houses?2019-05-16T19:07:22+10:00

While we don’t generally offer a home cleaning service on its own, we can help clean areas while we are helping you with decluttering, downsizing and moving.

Do you have insurance in case something gets broken?2019-05-16T19:08:38+10:00

Yes, Light Transitions has public liability insurance.  In addition, absolute care is taken when handling your treasured belongings. However, for your peace of mind, we would suggest that you review your existing insurance and take out further coverage if required.

Can you help with cases of hoarding?2024-05-16T11:07:16+10:00

Yes, while we focus on DOWNSIZING AND DECLUTTERING, we do have experience in serious hoarding situations. We recommend that the hoarder is supported by counselling prior to us being called in to start the process of clearing a home. Please give us a call on 0457 487 777 if you would like to discuss further.

Can you work through Aged Care/NDIS?2024-05-16T11:07:44+10:00

Yes, we generally work privately with clients but can also work through the Aged Care and NDIS systems. Please contact us for further details on 0457 487 777.

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What People Love About Us

Jen Q

“Let’s be real – Alison’s service is essential in this day and age. Moving a loved one into Care is a MASSIVE task which is extremely stressful – and not just for our loved one. There is a gazillion things to cover off, to close off, sell, give away, donate, sort through, or throw out. Alison is 100% honest, reliable and trustworthy. She has an abundance of energy, but goes about getting stuff done quickly, happily, efficiently, in a very positive way, as well as in a gentle, caring, encouraging, coaxing way. She does not succumb to impatience or intolerance, whereas family can fall into that trap. She also brings out the best in our loved one, whereas family members can be treated much less favourably. Getting her into Care has been the best solution to a sad and difficult situation, but NONE of it would have ever happened if there wasn’t Alison to turn this into a reality. She really was Mum’s guardian angel.”

Peter J

“It’s hard to ask for help and I was embarrassed about my messy house which I needed to sort out before moving into a smaller unit. Alison and her team were very kind and I never felt judged. The one thing I regret is not getting help years ago. I am now in my unit with my most treasured possessions, it is clean and neat and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel like I have a new lease on life!”

Christine D Head Shot

Christine D

“How to find someone to help who is competent and capable when it comes to being orderly and organised with stuff, but who is also compassionate and caring with people?  You’ve found her!  I highly recommend Alison and the services she and her team provide.”

Michelle T

“Alison is a master at getting things done quickly and efficiently with a minimum of fuss. She has a high degree of energy and I have always found her reliable, honest and a great problem solver.”

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