Hands up…who has trouble getting motivated enough to actually start to declutter your home?

Who comes up with all sorts of excuses…”I’m too tired today, I don’t know where to start (so I won’t start), it’s too overwhelming (so I won’t start) , I would rather watch Netflix (and forget about the state of my home for another day)”, you get the picture….any excuse will do to avoid the fact that your home would love some decluttering and downsizing LOVE.

sad ladySome clients have told me that they are so embarrassed by the state of their home that they don’t welcome visitors anymore – including their own family!  This can become a downward spiral leading to an ever-increasing sense of stress, isolation, and even depression.

How bad does it have to get before you ask for help?

Everyone will have a different answer and it’s important that you feel that it’s the right time for you to take the first step towards loving yourself and your home again. In my experience, when I get the call to help, it’s because you have reached that point in your life where you are sick of the mess, sick of how it makes you feel, sick of how draining it is and the realisation that ALL YOUR STUFF is a huge block to you enjoying your best life.

When I walk into someone’s home they probably have already made the mental shift and are ready to start letting go of some (or all) of the clutter – in a staged non-threatening, gentle way of course!

I come in with the energy of support, nonjudgement and service, an extra pair of hands to help you and lots of tips and tricks to set you up for ongoing tidy home success.

Initially we have a chat about what changes you want to see, how you want the decluttering and downsizing process to play out, what your budget and timeline is, and what you want to have happen to the items you are finally ready to let go of.

What Happens on Downsizing Day 1?

When I arrive on Day 1 I often find you have already got busy because your mindset has shifted – you are inspired and motivated to get some changes happening in your home, and your life.

recycle binA good plan on Downsizing Day 1 can be to grab a couple of boxes, and rubbish and recycling bags and go through your home looking for what I call “low hanging fruit” . Those are those easy wins- items that can go straight into a box for dropping off to a charity shop, and recycling/rubbish that can go straight into the appropriate bin. I am very keen on recycling absolutely anything that can be recycled – plastic/paper/cardboard etc and anything that a charity shop could help to rehome.

I generally operate in three hour appointment blocks, long enough to get some serious decluttering done but not so long that you feel overwhelmed by it all. We always find time to stand back for a moment and reflect on how much better things are already looking and feeling, and that fuels even more ongoing tidying and decluttering!

Keep it or Let it Go?

I don’t make any “keep it or let it go” decisions for you, only you know what you are ready to let go of. What I can do though to help is ask you some questions like “how often do you use this item?”, “does it have sentimental value?” or “are you keeping something because it may be useful someday?”

stones in waterI have some tips about downsizing including why not consider taking some photos of an item and then letting the item go?  You will still have the photos to remind yourself of it whilst not having the actual item stuck in a box in the cupboard! My questions and suggestions will hopefully help you to decide whether it deserves an ongoing place in your home and your life, or not.

Every person is different, and every home is different so I find flexibility is the key when embarking with you on this magical downsizing journey – I would love to help you make some really positive changes in your home and your life.

The aim is to finish your downsizing journey and start fully living again with a lot less stress, a calmer mind and a renewed desire to engage not only in your best life and but with the whole beautiful world around you.

The first step is the hardest, it does get easier and easier once you actually start!!!

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