What People Love About Us

Jen Q

“Let’s be real – Alison’s service is essential in this day and age. Moving a loved one into Care is a MASSIVE task which is extremely stressful – and not just for our loved one. There is a gazillion things to cover off, to close off, sell, give away, donate, sort through, throw out and our loved one just expects us to give up our lives for a few months to get it all done and sorted for them! But if we need to keep our jobs and keep working, we would need to clone ourselves to do all this. Alison is the perfect clone, however she is a hybrid version.

Alison is 100% honest, reliable and trustworthy. She has an abundance of energy, but goes about getting stuff done quickly, happily, efficiently, in a very positive way, as well as in a gentle, caring, encouraging, coaxing way. She does not succumb to impatience or intolerance, whereas family can fall into that trap. Alison genuinely desires to be of service to those in need. She also brings out the best in our loved one, whereas family members can be treated much less favourably.

I would like readers of this review to know that Mum’s Care package is funding most of Alison’s work, if not all of it. While initially they said Mum’s Care package doesn’t support this kind of cost, they eventually came to the party and said they would refer our request up the line. So don’t be backwards in approaching your loved one’s Care Support Coordinator about this. Who else is going to do all this work, if there is no-one else available to do it? And it is all too daunting and too overwhelming for our loved one to do it for themselves. Now Mum is in Care, she is loving it and has picked up. The staff and food are FANTASTIC (no more Meals on Wheels) and she is making lovely new friends. She is even more agile.

Getting her into Care has been the best solution to a sad and difficult situation, but NONE of it would have ever happened if there wasn’t Alison to turn this into a reality. She really was Mum’s guardian angel.”

Christine D Head Shot

Christine D

“How to find someone to help who is competent and capable when it comes to being orderly and organised with stuff, but who is also compassionate and caring with people?  You’ve found her!  I highly recommend Alison and the services she and her team provide.”

Peter J

“It’s hard to ask for help and I was embarrassed about my messy house which I needed to sort out before moving into a smaller unit. Alison and her team were very kind and I never felt judged. The one thing I regret is not getting help years ago. I am now in my unit with my most treasured possessions, it is clean and neat and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel like I have a new lease on life!”

Michelle T

“Alison is a master at getting things done quickly and efficiently with a minimum of fuss. She has a high degree of energy and I have always found her reliable, honest and a great problem solver.”