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Many years ago, my beloved grandmother slowly came to the realisation that she could no longer cope with living alone in her large two story home. The physical and emotional journey that she faced was daunting for her. But, with the help of the family she sorted through her possessions, downsized and packed up her home, and prepared for her move to a retirement village.

Change can mean many things to many people – to my grandmother it was scary and at times something she strongly resisted despite accepting, on some level, that her advanced age meant that she could no longer cope alone in her big house. Leaving her lovely garden of many years was heart breaking for her.

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Witnessing this experience helped birth in me a deep level of compassion for older people as they transition through the stages that precede the dying process. The slow winding down of a once vibrant and healthy body and mind, it’s not something that can be avoided, we will all need help. With large numbers of people either facing retirement or in retirement already, I hope that the younger members of society will embrace the need for changes in the way the elderly are supported. What goes around comes around.

Fortunately my grandmother went through her difficult task of downsizing with the rallying help of her family. But what about those who lack such support from family or friends – where do they turn for help?

My purpose, for this stage in my life, is to use all the skills I have gathered over the years, including project management, organisational skills and an understanding of people’s needs – to provide a safe and nurturing space for change to occur, in the gentlest way possible for all. To help reframe change as a positive harbinger of the next stage in life and all the wonderful learning opportunities that can come with it. To help by not only providing support and heart felt understanding of the situation that you, or others dear to you, are going through, but by providing down to earth practical help to get things completed quickly, carefully and competently when the time is right for you.

My grandmother died many years ago but I still feel her gentle guiding influence around, pointing the way to the path of service to the aging in our community, as they navigate their way through life towards death.

My interest in supporting people as they near and then go through the transition, will be reflected in support services to be offered in the near future.

I look forward to talking with you, listening to your story, seeing how I can be of service to you in your time of change, and then helping you gently through this stage of your life’s journey.

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